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5th project meeting

The 5th meeting of the UPWOOD project was hosted virtually by Woodpolis on 29th November 2021, with the participation of all the project partners. The meeting took place virtually due to the COVID-19 travel limitations. It replaced the one that was initially planned to be hosted by Woodpolis in Kuhmo, Finland.


In the meeting, partners discussed the completed activities since the 4th virtual project meeting and the ones planned for the last project period.  It is expected that the online Training games will be finished by end of the year. Currently, one game has been completed and translated into all partner languages. The production of the Mentor’s guide will be started once the final versions of the Training scenarios are finished. The partners also discussed a framework for certification schemes and the statement of support to ensure the dissemination and sustainability of the project's outcome. 


There was as well presented the concept of the upcoming Multiplier events, which will take place in every partner country. At this point, UPV had successfully organised the first project multiplier event in Valencia, Spain. It was held both physically and online, gathering 120 participants on-site and 18 participants remotely. 

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