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The project

Background & challenges

Construction with wood yields high energy efficiency value, becoming increasingly relevant in the construction materials market. Correspondingly, skills relevant to innovative woodworking methods and applications are in high demand in the EU construction market. However, construction employers note a gap between the skills and knowledge acquired by workers and apprentices through Work-Based Learning (WBL) in the construction sector and the woodworking skills needed in the workplace. Stringent renovation requirements and policy measures seeking to stimulate the transformation of existing buildings (e.g. Energy Performance of Building Directive) and the fast-paced emergence of relevant new markets (e.g. green building) exacerbate this gap even further.

Upskilling construction workers with innovative woodworking skills through work-based learning VET is therefore essential to meet the current and future demand for energy-efficient solutions in the construction and renovation sector.


Project objectives

1. Develop new training content (i.e. WBL educational resources) on energy-efficient wood construction methods and applications.
2. Develop teaching materials, VET integration guidelines, and trainer’s guide to support VET providers to integrate new woodworking technologies and processes into their WBL and apprenticeships offerings.
3. Improve cooperation between VET providers and businesses to provide opportunities that will enable learners to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in real-life workplace situations.


Main deliverables

O1 UPWOOD work-based learning outcomes
Research on actual workplace requirements with regards to energy-efficient & innovative woodworking technologies and existing construction industry apprenticeships.

O2 UPWOOD learning units and Open Educational Resources
Development of a modular WBL curriculum structure, educational resources and integration guidelines for VET providers and construction sector employers.

O3 Online training scenarios
Development of online training scenarios that will help current and future construction workers & apprentices undergoing WBL acquire new skills & experience.

O4 Framework for the integration of environmental components into construction sector WBL curricula & certification schemes
Establishment of a link between the partnership, VET providers, employers and policy makers by development and subsequent endorsement of corresponding papers.

E1 – E5 UPWOOD Information Days

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